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Food specialties

The food specialties of our tavern are the traditional Komiža meals prepared on our Dalmatian way based on the home made olive oil, wine and genuine condiments of our region. The genuine and healthy food characterized by its simplicity originales from our basic activities and riches of nature on the island of Vis. Some of the old gastronomic tewels have been preserved up to date. If you come to our Konoba Bako you will probalby enjoy our food.

Yellow tail (lizza) cooked with capers, laurel and rosemary, olive oil. All these ingredients make a special taste which you will surely remember for a long time.
Octopus cooked in a home produced wine. To come to the Komiža and not try lobster soub with a hard courdmush will deprive you of a unique pleasure and delight. Our menu can be downloaded here.